Exploring Taipei Taiwan, Yangmingshan Vlog. Hiking through Taiwans most beautiful National Park. Natural Hot Springs, Volcanoes and Hydrangeas.

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Yangmingshan National Park
112, Taipei City, Beitou District

Check out these spots when you go!

Zhuzihu ( for flowers during blooming season, Hydrangeas and Lily’s)

Xiaoyoukeng (for post volcanic scenary and the steam coming from the ground )

Bayan Hot Springs ( for the natural hot springs )
The most convenient way to get there is by car or scooter (provided your scooter is up to a mountain excursion), but public transportation is also an option. Take a bus (No.1717) from Taipei Main Station, just outside the M8 Exit, directly across from McDonald’s. The bus takes you to the Bayan Hot Springs Resort. Once you’re on the main road outside the Bayan Hot Springs Resort, take the road towards the resort, and before you enter you’ll see the trail head, with a small area where you can park a car, and a (non-working) outhouse. From there, go down the trail and start walking alongside the river, heading upstream. At one point you’ll have to navigate a small stream, and you will have to remove your shoes to cross. (Best if you just wear Tevas, or something similar). Apparently there was once a small footbridge, but it has been washed away. After you’ve crossed the stream, follow the trail uphill. You’ll see a warning sign threatening trespassers with a NT$15,000 fine, but according to the locals, that’s there to protect the park from lawsuits in case of injury. Continue past the sign and you’re there!

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