9 Things You HAVE TO DO the Night Before You Travel BESIDES PACK

Packing? Dog Sitter? What Do You Need Get Done the Night Before You Travel So You Can Have the Smoothest Travel Day Possible? Here we go through 9 things (besides packing) that travelers should do the night before they leave so that the day they leave and the day they come back from their vacations are not stress inducing times. These are things that Jocelyn and Mark do before they travel to make things easier.
Filmed in Amboise, France
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What To Do
1. Stop the Mail and the Newspaper (if you are still getting the newspaper) and have someone cut your grass while you are gone.
2. Let a Trusted AND Liked Neighbor Know You Are Leaving: They can check on the house and deal with any issues while you are away. Maybe give them a key as well in case any incidents occur.
3. Get a Manicure and Especially a Pedicure: with all the walking you do while you travel or even if you are just sitting on the beach having your feet cleaned up before you go can make traveling so much better.
4. Set Your Light Timers: timers can help make it appear that someone is at your home even though you are gone in Cancun. However, trying to figure out how they work the morning you are traveling is a lost cause, so try to get that done the night before.
5. Get The Garbage Out & Ask Your Friend to Take It Out: Do you really want to have to air out your house from the smell of rotten food when you get home?
6. Clean Your House or at Least Pick It Up: this will make returning from your trip much more relaxing. Coming home with two weeks of laundry and then having to put it with the other two weeks of laundry that are still sitting there really is not a way to start your day back home.
7. Clean Sheet Day: Wash your sheets so when you come home from your trip and all those hotel beds you can come home to your bed with clean sheets, I mean who doesn’t LOVE clean sheet day?
8. Call Your Bank, Credit Card Companies and Mobile Phone Provider: let them know you will be gone and get a data package for your phone, also so your credit cards and debit cards will work while you travel.

How To Keep Your House Safe While You Travel

9. Have Your Clothes, Passport, Wallet, Purse & Tickets Ready to Go: the day you travel things get even crazier, so having those clothes out and other important things make it less hair raising of a travel morning.
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