Try the impossible spicy noodle challenge in taiwan

Super Spicy noodle in Taiwan:

Delicious and really hot noodle from Taiwain

No matter how much dieticians frown upon this DELICIOUS and super spicy noodle recipe, I sure can’t help myself but indulge in instant noodles every now and then. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll understand the addictive nature of this comfort food. It’s affordable, it’s convenient and it’s definitely delicious – yeah some of my favorite food on the go. The best part of it all is the huge variety of flavours that span across various countries – it’s almost as though instant noodles have formed a food culture of their own, with each country localising different flavours to suit their own cuisine and tastebuds. And what is unique with the Taiwanese Noodle? They are extra spicy!

Super Spicy Noodle in Taiwan

If you’ve enjoyed (and conquered) our list of Japanese instant noodles you have to get when you’re in Japan, well here’s another list for you. This time, we’re bringing you some of the tastiest instant noodles Taiwan has to offer.

This spicy noodle challenge is a custom spicy noodle challenge that has been around for about 20 years. This may be one of the most original spicy noodle challenges in the world. The noodles are made from an array of the worlds spiciest Chile Peppers. The Carolina Reaper, the Trinidad Scorpion and also the Ghost Chile Pepper. There are also a range of other Chile’s added into this concoction of death! To celebrate 1000 subscribers I decided to do this Challenge. Hope you guys enjoy the Video!

Big Thanks to my boss TJ for helping me film the video!
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