Exploring taipei paintball culture | paintball war | taiwan 147 paintball theme park

Todays Vlog we explore Taiwan’s biggest Paintball Theme Park. Paintballing with local Taiwanese people! This was the coolest paintballing experience I’ve ever had. We fight over a jungle terrain map 15 vs 15 the first game. We then go into a small speed paintballing map 15 vs 15 which was total chaos and Min and I move on to a smaller map 1v1 for the final battle. Hope you guys enjoy the vlog today~ As always, Thanks so much for watching 🙂


147 Paintball Theme Park

No.147 Antai Street, Neihu District, Taipei City

Phone number :02 2631 7147

Be sure to call them to check if they are open because it may vary on how many people are playing and also they are typically closed when it rains for safety issues.