Spring travel packing guide

What to pack for 1 week(or more) of Spring Travel ! A Travel Packing Guide.
👟BORN SHOES: http://bit.ly/BornHNST

Travel Toiletries: https://youtu.be/r_Ot8YJOE30
Travel First Aid: https://youtu.be/39amu_2fMfg
Full Camera Gear: https://youtu.be/5u5JiSA9N_o

3 Jumper/Long Dresses
3 T-Shirts
2 Pants
1 Leggings
2 Shorts/Skirts
3 Sweaters/Hoodies
1 Scarf
4 Bras (1 Sports, 2 Everyday, 1 Shaped)
7 Underwear
3 Socks
1 Swimsuit (optional)
3 Shoes (1 Sneaker, 1 Sandal, 1 Wedge)

1 Sunglasses
1 Small Hairdryer (optional)
1 Small Hair-straighter (optional)
1 Belt
Fun Jewerly
Landry Bag + Washing Packets
Toiletry Bag
First Aid Kit
Makeup Bag
1 Rain Jacket
1 Umbrella
1 Hat
1 Small Purse

Laptop or Tablet (plus charging cables)
Camera (plus charging cables)
Phone (plus charging cables)
External Hardrive + SD Cards
External Power-pack
Plug Adapters
Scanned Copies of Important Documents

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